West Cape to manage Time With The Entrepreneurs

West Cape, an Internet Technology and Business Development Firm that’s changing how governments and private sector do business in Africa has secured a contract to manage premium live audience show, “Time With The Entrepreneurs”. As part of the contract, West Cape will ensure the successful management and marketing of the premium live audience programme for the 2017 season – the maiden one. The programme was initiated by Isidore Kpotufe an idea-entrepreneur, with the involvement of  Umaru Sanda, an award-winning journalist and Winston Tackie, a business journalist.

What’s Time With The Entrepreneurs?

Time With The Entrepreneurs is a bi-monthly interactive live audience programme that brings together a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts from Ghana and neighbouring countries who provide insights into how local businesses can grow and expand competitively. The live programme comes off every two-week Saturday at the Mensvic Hotel (Accra-Ghana) from 3 PM to 4 PM. The maiden edition of the 2017 Season is scheduled to come off on 11th March 2017.  Learn more here.

About West Cape

West Cape is the company that manages Time With The Entrepreneurs.  West Cape is an internet technology and business development firm based in Ghana that uses an unmatched combination of market data and technological tools to build and grow the business of its clients. Website: www.westcapestrategy.com.