1 April 2017


What’s the impact of taxes on SMEs in Ghana? What Can we do about it?


Joseph Winful
Former Senior KPMG Partner
Bernard Osei-Tutu
CEO, Dusk Capital
Paul Frimpong
CEO, Economic Business Group
Patrick Stephenson
Economic Consultant


3rd Edition: 8 April 2017 

Topic: How can young businesses acquire, retain and grow customers? What’s the Cost?

4th Edition: 22 April 2017

Topic: Can Tech Entrepreneurs build Africa’s Economy? How? What is the role of governments?

5th Edition: 6 May 2017 

Topic: How much does a Startup need to run? What are the alternative sources of Startup financing?

6th Edition: 20 May 2017

Topic: Can governments finance SMEs? How?

7th Edition: 3 June 2017

Topic: How do you expand your business to Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire? Why must you do it at all?

8th Edition: 17 June 2017

Topic: How can technology deliver basic public services in Ghana?

9th Edition:  1 July 2016

Topic: How to invest in Francophone West Africa: What you need to know

10th Edition: 15 July 2017

Topic: What are the best ways to boost employee productivity?

11th Edition: 29 July

Topic: How can African Startups compete with global brands?

12th Edition: 12 August 2017

Topic: What do women entrepreneurs have to offer the market?

13th Edition: 26 August 2017

Topic: Managing the home and the business: How can women entrepreneurs succeed?

14th Edition: 9 September

Topic: Can Startups use the media to build their reputation? Why and how?

15th Edition: 23 September 2017

Topic: Does branding matter at all? Lessons from successful brand managers

16th Edition: 7 October 2017

Topic: What you need to know before entering into business partnerships

17th Edition:  21 October 2017

Topic: What does it take to build global brands? How do Company structures impact business growth?

18th Edition: 2 December 2017

Entrepreneurs Dinner Night 

Topic: Building Effective Relationships for Business Growth

Key Facts

The interactive programme streams live on the internet (Youtube and Facebook).

Each edition of the programme is rebroadcasted on Citi FM (97.3 FM) on Saturdays from 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM.

As a motivation factor, at the end of each edition, Time With The Entrepreneurs rewards a young impactful entrepreneur with services or products from our partners to help them grow their businesses. Some of the rewards include: free Wi-Fi routers, modems, mobile phones, laptops among others.

Each edition is covered by Business Day Ghana and Business Television Africa (BTA).